Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throckmkorton on the "bait and switch" of the cancelled Jesus Festival

Remember this?
On August 22, we’ll host our first-ever Jesus Festival at Marymoor Park near Seattle. Everyone at Mars Hill churches far and near is invited for this unique opportunity to grow together and evangelize within the surrounding community. Fun for kids, music, gospel preaching, baptisms, and good times at no charge because it’s always good to practice for the kingdom with a party!

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Out of curiosity, was Marymoor Park ever actually scheduled for use the day said event was announced to be taking place?  A park of that sort would likely have events scheduled out with public notices of use fairly far in advance, wouldn't it?

The reverse of the question of whether the Jesus Festival was cancelled unannounced is to ask whether it was firmly scheduled.

If it wasn't scheduled then, yeah, that might come across as a bait and switch.  Perhaps Seattle parks & recreation can clarify?

But it is prudent to not presume malice when other explanations are at hand.  Mars Hill may have come across as doing a bait and switch but given the "season" they've been in and the layoffs and resignations that have happened, maybe something else came up?  Mars Hill beat budget (again) this last fiscal year but they laid people off and now it turns out the Jesus Festival was cancelled (or possibly not firmly scheduled to begin with?) and the Resurgence conference got cancelled. 

As longtime readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet will already know, Wenatchee left MH in later 2008 and had not heard all the details of the firings.  But Wenatchee had heard enough about the way Mars Hill handled real estate acquisitions to have doubts that Mars Hill was being wise; it seemed as though Mars Hill was committed to a path of expanding faster than it was cultivating a stable donor base and this might lead to systemic deficits.  Lo and behold, come 2012 Driscoll announced that that had become the case.  A reason to reconsider giving to Mars Hill Church these days beyond any serious concerns about the Global Fund would be the General Fund, that if Mars Hill announces conferences and festivals and then cancels them without any clear explanation of what's up that should lead donors to reconsider whether Mars Hill has been fiscally healthy enough to merit donations. 

And for non-profits that are healthy and effective enough to merit donations you can probably find out the salaries of the executive officers of the corporation.


Anonymous said...

Marymoor Park is in Redmond, not Seattle. (kind of beside the point, but details)

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

thanks for the correction. Wenatchee is obviously unfamiliar with parks in the area. :) So corrections on details are appreciated.