Wednesday, August 06, 2014

the following of Sutton Turner on Twitter, a short story in screencaps

One of the curiosities about The WayBack Machine is that in the event that it captures a webcrawl of a Twitter account it isn't necessarily in English.  Let's take the twitter account of Sutton Turner.

From March 26, 2014.  Anyone want to find out what "Jarraitzaleak" might lead to?  Let's say we click on that and find out where The WayBack Machine goes?

It would appear to be "followers" in this case.
Now, let's see what Sutton Turner's Twitter profile looks like today.

So according to a WayBack Machine crawl from March 26, 2014 it looks like Sutton Turner had 1,627 followers and by today he landed 5,179 and that he's been on Twitter since April 2009.  What does a person do to gain about 3,500 extra Twitter followers in just barely more than five months?  Was the Result Source scandal good for adding followers to Turner's Twitter following?

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