Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sutton Turner on the ECFA 1st Annual Church Stewardship Survey Advisory Panel

Sutton Turner's connection to ECFA has not previously been a subject of discussion at Wenatchee The Hatchet but someone pointed something out of potential interest

This was (apparently) published on April 2, 2014.

The first annual church stewardship survey

on page ii

There's Sutton Turner on the 1st Annual Church Stewardship Survey Advisory Panel. 
This looks like it was published/released about a month after this article was published over at WORLD

Between the Result Source contract with Turner's name on it and the questions that have not quite been cleared up about Mars Hill Global Sutton Turner being on the Advisory Panel for a Church Stewardship Survey is interesting. 

For those who have read the report, it's interesting that the top explanations for problems in giving selected by survey subjects start with 1) spiritual complacency 2) inadequate understanding of generosity and 3) economic difficulty.  But when assessing donor apathy there is another variable and not just the question of how clearly one articulates the vision for the mission or organization, another variable is the fiscal responsibility and viability of the vision and its application.  Controversy and scandal can rock donor confidence.  Donors need to have a full and thorough accounting of where their money actually goes.  Transparency to donors is an important way to build trust. 

In the wake of the Result Source controversy and Turner's signature on the contract ... and the lack of transparency about what exactly the compensation packages are for the executive elders at Mars Hill, Turner could, for a time, be a liability for the image of the church.  After all, while it was Mark Driscoll invoiced Turner signed the contract. Of the three executive elders at Mars Hill the only one of the three whose name has so far not been directly attached to the Result Source scandal has been Dave Bruskas. 

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