Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Seattle PI catches up to the Driscoll 2012 real estate transaction

In May of 2012, according to Snohomish County records, a 5,529-square-foot, three-bedroom home on a 2-acre lot in Woodway was purchased for $1.05 million by the Future Hope Revocable Living Trust with Driscoll and his wife, Grace, as trustees.

The property was convened in May of 2013 “for consideration of love and affection” to the Downs Family Revocable Living Trust.  Its trustee, Melanie Thompson, is a Mars Hill Church member and outspoken defender of Driscoll.

Yes, though how Wenatchee The Hatchet found out about the real estate transaction in June 2013 is not a story that is going to get told here.  Wenatchee The Hatchet let the story incubate a while trying to find what seemed to be the most suitable way of framing the subject and published something about the topic in September 2013, by which time the transfer had recently taken place.  Melanie Thompson may be a sibling of Driscoll's, since Driscoll is the oldest of five.  The Driscolls have by and large stayed within the Auburn/Edmonds/Seattle region over the years.  It's not impossible that once the physical address of the Driscoll clan was discovered the real estate could have been transferred to the name of another relative without so obvious a connection to the Driscoll name.  Confirming whether Thompson is the maiden name or not for Melanie J is perhaps something that can be tackled by someone at a pertinent time. 

and one possible avenue is ... entry 10.

For a review of the blog post that discussed the Snohomish county real estate in the past go here.

While Wenatchee The Hatchet has a clear history of documenting the history of real estate acquisitions done with any sort of association with Mars Hill finding the Snohomish county real estate was ... not intentional.  Wenatchee The Hatchet was actually investigating something that seemed to have no connection at all to any real estate and after about eighteen seconds of net-searching came across the real estate by surprise.  If Mars Hill and the Driscolls had intended for the real estate to be secret then they simply did not succeed and the subsequent transition of the real estate from Future Hope Revocable Living Trust to the Downs Family Revocable Living Trust was too little too late. 

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