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Mark Driscoll January 22, 2006 "And if you forget this, this'll be archived".

For those who may still be at Mars Hill, it may go without saying the blog  Wenatchee The Hatchet would be on the "don't read negative stuff on the internet" list.  Given the lengths to which Wenatchee The Hatchet has gone to quote primary sources, particularly Mark Driscoll, it may be worth pointing out that Mark Driscoll in 2006 made a point of saying his preaching and teaching would get archived for future reference so that if, God forbid, he ever went off the rails, his earlier warnings and teachings could be cited as a reference and a precedent to not follow him later. 

Now, as noted earlier this year, this material is no longer publicly accessible from the Mars Hill website, but if you should have the chance to find the transcript:

Part 3 of 1st Corinthians
1 Corinthians 1:10-17
Pastor Mark Driscoll
January 22, 2006:


That’s what Paul’s saying. “I don’t remember atoning for the sins of the world. I don’t remember living a sinless life and dying as a substitute in your place and rising to forgive your sins. Was I crucified for you? No!” And his third question: “Were you baptized in the name of Paul?” Is your ultimate allegiance to me, or Jesus? This is so important. I want you guys to respect me, the pastors and the leaders in this church. I don’t want you to have too low a view of leadership, too high a view of leadership – the extremes that we see in the church in Corinth. At the same time, your primary and ultimate allegiance is not to me, and it is not to the pastors in this church. I will say this publicly: I am one of the pastors. They can out-vote me and fire me. They have total freedom to do so. [emphasis added]

And if at any time in the history of this church the elders discipline me, do not be loyal to me. Be loyal to them; be loyal to Jesus. And if at any point – God forbid – I should say or do something that would disqualify me from being your pastor – and I have no intentions of, and I do live a life above reproach. And I’m not a sinless man, but I do love Jesus and I do love my family and I do love you. And if by – I just shudder to say this, but if I should ever say or do anything that the elders would need to fire me, do not be loyal to me. Be loyal to Jesus; be loyal to your elders. Be loyal to the pastors in your church. Trust them. Follow them.

And if you forget, this’ll be archived. [emphasis added] Pull it down and listen to it again, and say, “Mark, you told us to ignore you and follow the leaders in the church and Jesus.” Do that – because at the end of the day, you’re not baptized in my name. You’re not ultimately loyal to me. You are not ultimately devoted to me. My job is to point you to Jesus. He was crucified for your sins. He forgives your sins. He is your God and Savior. He’s the one when you are buried in baptism and raised in newness of life that you are celebrating and honoring – that the focus and heart and the devotion and commitment and the passion in the church must be for Jesus; no one else; no one else.

That sure is helpful, knowing that it's archived.  So where might one go to download the sermon to give it a listen?

Any sign of 1 Corinthians? Here's a composite screen cap of what their media library for sermons looked like earlier today in case it ever changes again.

So where is the 1st Corinthians sermon media archive these days?  How can people recall that Driscoll preached from the pulpit in 2006 that if he ever went off the rails to not follow his lead and that Mars Hill would archive the sermon for posterity if it's not even available to the public anymore?
Since Driscoll 2006 seemed to be saying that an archived sermon and sermon archives were intended by 2006-era Driscoll as a testament against him if he ever one day did go off the rails why prevent anyone from being able to listen to that sermon for themselves?  To be sure there is a history of someone clipping woodchipper anecdotes from Driscoll teaching content and even of a sermon  transcript changing language used by Driscoll from the pulpit that was preserved in audio but in theory if the old sermon audio files were made available and the full transcripts anyone could read for themselves what was said.  They can't really do that so easily right now, not without some help.

Wenatchee The Hatchet has been documenting what Driscoll and others at Mars Hill have been saying on record for years now.  The 2006 Driscoll sermon where he said that things would be archived used to be true.  Wenatchee The Hatchet has been documenting how much material Mars Hill has been scrubbing from the sermon archives for the better part of this year

UPDATE:  08-16-2014 02.40pm

Try these.  They're clearly not the Mars Hill media library but Mars Hill spent so many years spreading the message far and wide Mulder would remind us the truth is out there.

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