Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bent Meyer 110 page document summation of 2007 correspondence related to by-laws and trial is now up at Joyful Exiles

Wenatchee The Hatchet is going to approach this in a deliberately oblique way.  Wenatchee The Hatchet enjoys Batman stories so permit, if you will, a digression into the last two Christopher Nolan Batman films.  You might recall that Batman and Commissioner Gordon fear that if the truth about Harvey Dent's ethical lapses and crimes as Two-Face were made known all the work that the three of them had done to stop the organized crime in Gotham and stop the Joker would be undone.  To prevent that catastrophic loss through moral failure and tunnel vision from happening, they agreed to insist that Batman was guilty of the crimes of Harvey Dent.  It wasn't true but it was established.  The crimes and who committed them were pinned on Batman, who disappeared, while Gordon and the city passed the Dent Act.

Years later, of course, the Dent Act turned out to have been used to keep a lot of people in trial without some of the rights and liberties afford to others.  And it turned out that the founding narrative of the legislation was predicated on a lie.  In fact a whole lot of lies told to many and lies people told themselves began to come to light.  Alfred told Bruce Wayne in this period that maybe it was time to stop trying to outrun the truth or outsmart the truth and let it have its day. 

What is unusual about the 110 page document is that there are a lot of names in here, names of people who made motions and who discussed the credibility of charges.  If you were a pastor at Mars Hill in 2007, you should pretty much assume you're name is in this 110 page document.  Over the last  year or so Wenatchee the Hatchet has been slowly assembling a set of posts tagged "where are they now" about those who had roles of some kind in the 2007 firings and trial.  This 110 page document, though WtH has not had a chance to read through it all yet, is starting to seem like it could be a subcategory of "what did they say?" or "what did they do?"

If you are reading this now, dear reader, and you were one of the men who was involved in that trial, go read the document.  If you have come to the conclusion that both the nature of your actions and the substance of your decision in 2007 is something to regret the time may be coming near when you will want to ... or maybe even feel a need ... to publicly recant the vote you cast in 2007.  Why?  Because history established clearly enough pretty much everyone was on board with the firings and there was some fuzziness about the trials.  The documents Bent has authorized for publication at Joyful Exiles, it seems, might just blow the lid off. 

To get back to the earlier analogy, Jim Gordon had a speech about the death of Harvey Dent that he never bothered to share and through a disaster of circumstance (or providence?) that speech was still made public to the whole world. 

Go read it, read it all, read for yourself.  It is by nature an incomplete account but every account will tend to be. 

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