Thursday, August 21, 2014

a follow up on trusts and real estate

Someone conveyed the following excerpt from a Mark Driscoll sermon to Wenatchee The Hatchet in the wake of recent media discussion about the Downs Family Revocable Living Trust and its connection to a piece of real estate that Mark and Grace Driscoll bought in May 2012.

Going all the way back to the Proverbs sermon series from 2001 ... Men and Masculinity
We – we didn’t watch Will and Grace and think it was funny. We didn’t – we were – we were a very masculine home. Okay? And I had two sisters and two brothers. My brothers’ names are: Mike and Matt. So, it’s Mike, and Mark, and Matt, and Melanie, and Michelle. That’s our family. I don’t know how that happened, but apparently we got stuck right in the middle of the alphabet. And in my neighborhood, my dad hung drywall every day to provide for the family. If you’ve ever hung drywall, it’s work; it’s significant work. To the point where, a few years ago, my dad broke his back hanging drywall and had to give-up drywall, because he literally severed his back. And my dad, when I was little, I remember him telling me, “This is a rough neighborhood. You look out for your brothers. You look out for your sisters. If I’m gone, you take care of the family.” And you had to in my neighborhood. ...

So that Driscoll has a sister named Melanie has been attested by Mark Driscoll from the pulpit.  You're not going to find the Proverbs series around in the media library these days, though.  Compare the two dated screen captures 1-25-2014 and 3-19-2014 respectively

So someone got the idea to purge the majority of Mark Driscoll's public teaching and preaching.  Why is not something that has been explained.  But what is interesting is that thanks to the plethora of media content Mars Hill has made available for more than a decade, it isn't all that difficult to consult a 2001 sermon in which Mark Driscoll mentioned that one of his sisters was named Melanie.  It has been mentioned by a handful of comments that the Melanie Thompson who is the trustee of the Downs Family Revocable Living Trust may be a relative.  It is "possible" but confirmation has not yet been established.  What is established is that from the pulpit, for the entire online world to download, Driscoll said he had a sister named Melanie.  Of that there is no doubt. 

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