Sunday, August 24, 2014

a few links related to the recent announcement

A few links with writings by others for the time being.

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Tod Merley said...

An open letter to Mark Driscoll:

You need to man up Mark Driscoll.

First you hijacked a Church and hurt a whole lot of people along the way.

So give it up (give it back). Step down admitting what you did and setting the original by-laws in place. Exonerate those you maligned with your hostile potty mouth and violent social engineering ways! Admit to the slander and libel. Start a real process of reconciliation with the acknowledgement of the truth.

Second you used that Church to make yourself a money machine through no less than cheating ways in fact. You need to work with the NYT to give back those things you gained through the gaming of the NYT best seller list (and the other lists as well) working with them to choose a charity or two to give the funds taken and recovered by the selling of those properties and other resources you maintain from that deal. You need to make it right!!

You need to find gainful employment in a field you are actually qualified to do. Perhaps social engineering or communications as you do have a communications degree.

Are you called to teach the bible? Well then learn it!! Do the seminary. Get the ThD. Do the four years or so in the field proving you can work effectively under others and submit to others and church governance. I do not and will not believe that you actually consider yourself called to teach the bible until you have accomplished the above. You have to prove it to me.

You have hurt a lot of people. You need to make it right!!!

If you are serious about teaching the bible, prove it to us!!! Step up and become a man!