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a chronology of Lief Moi's connection to MH 2007-2008 in primary documents: part 2 6-23-2007 Moi resigns as elder in 2007, talked back into being elder by Driscoll and Clem

From Appendix B (page 115 of 145)

Mars Hill Re-organization document, previously sent to members on June 23, 2007
Lief Moi
Initially, Pastor Lief Moi was uncomfortable with the transition plans and uncertain that his conscience would allow him to continue as an Elder of Mars Hill Church. This precipitated several tense and difficult meetings for us as an Elder team, striving for unity but also the most effective way to organize and lead our church. After a few weeks off with his family to think and pray, Lief Moi resigned from his position on staff as well as his office as Elder of Mars Hill Church. Loving our brother and unwilling to let this matter go without every possible effort for reconciliation Pastor Mark, and Pastor Bill Clem spent hours laboring over Lief’s concerns and frustrations. Following the extremely fruitful meeting with Pastors Mark and Bill, Lief sought reconciliation with several pastors who felt they had been wronged in the matter by him, and submitted himself humbly for restoration as an Elder of the church. The Elders assembled, discussed the matter soberly, and after much prayer and discussion voted to restore Lief as an Elder of Mars Hill Church and a member of the Ballard Campus team. Lief will continue to employ his unique gifts, which many of our members have been blessed by for years, to strengthen faith, fortify marriages, and equip the saints for acts of service as we love our city with Jesus. This process put many of our men’s faith, endurance, constitution, and their trust in Jesus to the test. It drove many men deep into God’s Word for wisdom, seeking His discernment and leading through prayer. Despite sleepless nights and frayed nerves, we are truly a stronger Elder body because of this incredible labor God has shepherded us through. In His wisdom, He has made us bear this weighty issue as we move to a structure that distributes and delegates authority and mandates more trust and confidence in one another. Praying together as 24 men united by our love of Jesus and His great commission, it is evident He has uniquely tempered us for the coming season as a lovingly unified yet honest and effective team.

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