Sunday, August 31, 2014

a chronology of Lief Moi's connection to MH 2007-2008 in primary documents: summary and inquiry

If you have read the entirety of this series of statements and documents all the way through then a couple of questions may have sprung to mind. If you have not, this post isn't really for you, because this post assumes you have read the entirety of what has come before. 

That by now Lief Moi has confessed to character flaws and expressed regret for his vote and his conduct both with respect to the 2007 trial and to his own conduct generally may be easily discovered.

The question that springs to mind for Wenatchee the Hatchet in the midst of all that has been documented about Moi's final years at Mars Hill is "Where was Mark Driscoll?"  Mark Driscoll may have persuaded (or adamantly argued) that Moi lacked the "kingly gifts" to run a campus the size of Ballard but what was the evidence at the time that Clem had those kingly gifts?  The delineated roles of campus pastor, lead pastor, or executive pastor may have been taking shape but the question here is more personal, given that Driscoll talked so much about Lief Moi being a friend since the start of Mars Hill what relationship was maintained? 

Driscoll replied "please pray for my friend ... " when asked if Moi would do more preaching and wha the status of Moi's health was.  Driscoll also explained that not only was Lief Moi in constant pain circa 2007 but that his wife Tonya was not in the best of health either.  Yet within the same 142-page document members were informed by none other than Moi himself his salary had been cut by approximately 40% 

By the time Tim Beltz informed Mars Hill as a whole, it seems, through a letter posted to The City in 2008, no mention of the health problems or the salary cuts were made.  Just ... other things.

A question for all who might have read this far, how stable and active is the friendship between Mark Driscoll and Lief Moi, two of the three co-founders of Mars Hill Fellowship (now Mars Hill Church) if Moi spoke to KOMO in the way that he did August 21, 2014?

There was apparently a lot of something or other going on behind the scenes in the last few years in which Moi was in the leadership culture at Mars Hill and a lot has not been entirely clear.  It looks to Wenatchee The Hatchet, given the evidence available, as though during the big 2007 re-org that Mark Driscoll was willing to ask members to pray for his friend ... but by early 2008 Driscoll's remarks about the impossibility of leading friends in ministry and the Tim Beltz statements about Moi make it seem as though the machinery of re-org moved along.  Mark Driscoll didn't really seem to do anything, actually.  Conspiracy theorists might ascribe all kinds of motives to Driscoll that are impossible to prove but what is safer to say and note by way of observation is that whatever happened to Lief Moi by way of the 2007 re-org Driscoll may not have approved of it as such ... but it does sort of look like he let it happen.

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I think the human part of Mark Driscoll fell under the bus some years ago. That is where he was. Yup.