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a chronology of Lief Moi's connection to MH 2007-2008 in primary documents: part 6 November 2007, Mark Driscoll asks members "Please pray for the health of my friend and brother Pastor Lief ... "

page 23-24/145
November 2007

This is from the section Pulpit and Preaching
responses submitted by Pastor Mark Driscoll

Q. Will we get to hear Pastor Lief preach again some time soon? I haven't heard him preach since the Mother's Day sermon and while I can understand why that sermon got pulled I hope he gets to preach some more in teh future if he's in better health (I read the prayer request that said he was in bad shape and his wife was not in good health, either). My hope is that we get to hear at least a little preaching from all our pastors at some point. I haven't heard a sermon from Pastor Tim Smith in a while or from Pastor Bubba at all and Pastor Bill's sermons on Jude were fantastic.

A. First, please do pray for the health of my friend and brother Pastor Lief. He has had very painful back problems for many years and he still stuffers from constant pain. Second I have a monthly preaching cadre where multiple Mars Hill pastors, along with pontential elders, potential church planters,and some Acts 29 church planters, are trained in preaching.  ...

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