Monday, July 14, 2014

Throckmorton continues to look at Mars Hill Global, was it a fund or a donor type and how does one find out?

A bit of the survey so far. 

The reason it may matter whether Mars Hill Global was a fund or a donor category or both or any combination of the above depends on clearly defining whether donations were 1) solicited or unsolicited donations and 2) whether the fund designated gifts were placed in was a restricted or unrestricted fund.  Solicited gifts come under more stringent accounting requirements than unsolicited ones.  If Mars Hill were to attempt to propose that there was a misunderstanding or that solicitation was in some sense "passive" by saying that all that footage of Ehtiopian kids didn't necessarily imply that money wasn't going to get used for local and United States expansion projects that might well not fly.  For a little overview of solicited vs unsolicited gifts involving restricted designations and unrestricted designations for 501(c)3s ...

This was something WtH had some experience with so it will be .... interesting to see how soon MH decides it is better to present an itemized break-down of all the general ledger codes and revenue/cost amounts associated with all versions and conceptions of Mars Hill Global for public examination than to give vague and not quite apologetic answers about money that by now has probably already been spent.  At this point that would be the fastest, though perhaps not the most pleasant, way to clear the air about any and all misunderstandings.  Just tell everybody exactly where all the money went and things should be fine, right?

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