Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Mike Anderson publishes a post about Mars Hill and being a True Believer


While there could be many things said about this post linked to above words seem rather trifling at the moment.  But since words have been said already, Wenatchee The Hatchet has been researching and documenting and writing for a few years with an aim to document the history of Mars Hill and its leadership and its people (because, believe it or not, quite a bit of the story of Mars Hill Church has actually not constantly and ever revolved around Mark Driscoll).  This blog is about plenty of other things, too, of course, but it has become apparent that it is imagined chiefly to be a blog keeping tabs on Mars Hill.  So it goes ...

One of the aims has been to document the history of Mars Hill with enough detail and documentation that perhaps along the way others who have also actually been in Mars Hill will share what they have seen and heard and participated in in some fashion.  So Mike Anderson's recent post is pretty much exactly the sort of thing Wenatchee The Hatchet has hoped would one day come to light.  There's no way to make someone share what they have seen and heard.  There is no way to simply insist someone speak up and expect that to happen.  If anything over the years the attempts to get people to speak up have too often been fraught with the kinds of bullying, intimidation and demanding that has at various points been described as a problematic trait of the Mars Hill culture. 

No, we should not (if we have at some point called Mars Hill home) exactly demand that people speak of what has gone on there.  Instead, let us document things as accurately and as fairly and as honestly as we mere mortals can and while we're doing that invite people to share what they have seen and heard and to speak their minds. 

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