Tuesday, July 08, 2014

HT Christian Brady: Wondermark on Superman as all the animals in Noah's ark and not as Jesus


Christian Brady, who regular readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet "might" remember as one of three scholars to take Driscoll to the woodshed over his and Breshears' failure to accurately date the rabbinical commentary on Genesis known as the Targum Neofiti, recently linked to a dryly amusing comic strip riffing on how Superman more closely resembles all the animals on Noah's ark than Jesus ... and of course even this is acknowledged to be a bit of a stretch.


Remember, when in doubt, invoke blood-spitting iguanas!

Having thoroughly and enthusiastically rejected even the possibility of a Christ typology in Superman ... elsewhere, it's just fun to link to someone else making some jocular remarks about how readily certain types can be imposed across genres of literature.  :)

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