Tuesday, June 17, 2014

God's Work, Our Witness film has a lower profile, revisiting the 2011 fundraising film as a who's who of who's gone from the public face of Mars Hill.

On December 6, 2011, Mark Driscoll tweeted about the documentary God's Work, Our Witness, a film distributed on DVD with the FY2011 annual report for members that was also the title of a sermon series preached in late 2011.  As noted before, this series featured Mark Driscoll sharing how many at Mars Hill stunk at giving.  That has been blogged about by others already and Wenatchee The Hatchet has cross-referenced how the fundraising film God's Work, Our Witness had a release date around the period in which Sutton Turner had signed the contract with Result Source Inc. and the trademark/logo controversy.

Anyway, thus Mark Driscoll tweeted.

The God's Work, Our Witness documentary is up for viewing. Chronicles the crazy early days of Mars Hill http://ow.ly/7PPm5
7:15 PM - 6 Dec 2011
which led to ...


but the film may or may not play for you at the main page these days.

The film hasn't exactly been pulled down, though, because the sermon transcript is functionally a transcript of the documentary and it would be tough to just pull the first part of the series altogether and renumbering all the subsequent entries in the sermon (though this was, in fact, done with the 2002 Proverbs series when the original part 20 "Lovemaking" got pulled ... ).

For those of you who currently (or presently will) have the fundraising film to view in the comfort of your home, a few screen captures of stuff you may have already seen.
the Harlemans haven't been at MH for a couple of years
(actually a review of James' book is seriously overdue at WtH)

technically still at Mars Hill but not necessarily public, Jamie Munson has still been listed as a pastor inside MH recently.

still around but preparing for a sabbatical

In terms of the history of the early years of Mars Hill (i.e. the first decade) that's practically a who's who of Mars Hill.  If you don't instantly know who these people are you basically weren't around in the first decade of Mars Hill Fellowship. 

Given that the fundraising film/documentary God's Work, Our Witness (if you can watch it) now views like a who's who of the people who aren't at Mars Hill in the leadership culture it's not entirely surprising Mars Hill may have semi-withdrawn the film or may be in the process of withdrawing it. 

With the exception of Tim Smith you're not going to find any of these people as a present fixture in the publicly accessible leadership culture of Mars Hill.  Munson may still be a pastor behind the scenes but he stopped being listed as a pastor at Mars Hill some time around the time The Stranger began to raise a racket about how Storyville Coffee Company (owned by Jon and Esther Phelps, the former being a long-time associate of Mark Driscoll) was probably a front for Mars Hill activities.  The Stranger being The Stranger, well, never mind. 

For those who have the film the minute indications are left at the bottom near the center so you can see about where these people would be featured in the film. 

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Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

folks who have some clarification on where the people pictured from the 2011 film have landed (whether inside or outside MH) are welcome to comment. Certainly those who are actually pictured in the film are welcome to comment any time if they wish.