Friday, June 13, 2014

another week ends, another installment in the Justice League series finally ready for Mockingbird

Justice Has Its Price: The Exiles and Orphans of the Justice League
Part 2a
Maid of Honor in a Dishonorable World: Problems with Wonder Woman in the 21st century

Longtime readers may realize just how long it's been since there was a published installment in the series Justice Has Its Price about the animated series Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.  Well, now there's another installment, the first of at least two parts about Wonder Woman.  The first installment in this series went up all the way back pretty much a year ago!  That was "Saving the World From Better Worlds" and was about Superman's transition from Superman: the animated series to Justice League.

Superman got at least about 7,000 words and so it hardly seems fitting that Wonder Woman should have merely about 2,000.  This recently published piece examines a number of narrative problems in the original origin stories of Wonder Woman as a narrative that can be adapted to 21st century pop culture.  How Justice League solved the enumerated problems is awaiting completion.  Having written an awful lot about Batman in this massive series for Mockingbird already it felt necessary to give The Dark Knight a break (both from the DCAU series and because in 2012 "A Path Through Three Prisons" was a pretty sprawling overview of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy).  And if there's anyone in the DC heroes gallery more overdue to get a feature length film at this point it's Wonder Woman! 

So, with all that out of the way, if you're into superheroes and superhero cartoons perhaps you'll enjoy the newest installment in the giant series on the DC animated universe Wenatchee The Hatchet has had going at Mockingbird. 

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