Saturday, May 31, 2014

Warren Throckmorton publishes notes/outline for May 4, 2014 Driscoll sermon that corroborates broadcast delay process outlined by Mark Driscoll in 2009 sermon

It looks like Warren Throckmorton has published an outline of sermon duration and notes for a sermon preached May 4 that was scheduled for "Playback" May 18, 2014.  This was the sermon that was apparently edited down and had six minutes of material removed.

Throckmorton has published the notes for consultation here:

What this seems to confirm, so far, is what Wenatchee The Hatchet has documented about the delays for the public access of Mark Driscoll sermons by what has usually been a two week delay.  In a 2009 sermon from the Trial series Mark Driscoll explained the reasons why he would preach live at one campus and why the best sermon from a given Sunday would be edited, preserved on disc and sent to other campuses that would hear/see the sermon a week later, and then finally be published for outsiders to download or view two weeks later (usually).

From "Vision Notes from Pastor Mark" there is a brief statement about how nearly everyone misteaches Acts 6:1-7 but if the sermon Driscoll preached was what Mark Driscoll was going to claim was the right way to teach the text Mark Driscoll's competence as a scholar and exegete is beneath consideration at this point in the opinion of Wenatchee The Hatchet. 

What is apparent from other notes about sermons that have been relayed to Throckmorton

is that there has generally been one week, lately, of delay between "Live" and "Playback" and that the gap between May 4 and May 18 is two weeks.  It's possible Driscoll may have had some other speaking event or took a break (these things happen) but in light of previous journalistic coverage which has taken dates of public release to the Mars Hill web pages as the date a sermon was preached, well, all those editors and journalists now have to reconsider the timeliness of Driscoll's preaching if they just go to the Mars Hill website, look up a sermon, and attempt to take that publication date at face value.  By defending the edits of Driscoll's May 4 sermon Mars Hill Church has established for themselves that editing and redaction of Driscoll content happens. 

For past discussions at Wenatchee The Hatchet of some of these topics see below:

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