Thursday, May 01, 2014

Phoenix Preacher: Bloggers Beware [a brief commentary on blogging and the importance of sourcing statements)

While it might be possible to write more in addition to what Phoenix Preacher has written Wenatchee The Hatchet isn't planning to write very much in response to this useful caution.

Back when someone was taking journalism classes the professor shared something about sources and anonymity. The counsel was that, on balance, anonymous sources should essentially not be trusted and that no one anonymous source should EVER be trusted as the basis from which to publish anything.  Most of the time even the best anonymous source is not likely to share information that can't be gained through materials that are frequently already on the record and anonymous sources attempting to be whistle-blowers may be no more and possibly even less trustworthy than those on whom they mean to blow the whistle.

When the identity of Deep Throat was finally established there were some interesting comments about the significant of Deep Throat's identity.  The popular narrative up to the confirmation had been something along the line of "the press took down the Nixon administration" when the reality was more that the Nixon administration took down the Nixon administration and the press was kind of sort of given an invitation to come along for the ride.

Let the reader understand (or not)

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