Friday, April 25, 2014

a lively March has been followed by a fallow April

The title of the blog post essentially speaks for itself but not entirely.

It has been a while since Wenatchee The Hatchet has blogged about things in the arts.  I vaguely recall writing something about Claudio Giuliani's worthy commercial recording of the complete guitar sonatas of Diabelli, for instance.  And there was some stuff about how the wind rises over at another blog but there's been a lot that's been fallow.  This may change but it depends on a number of variables that are not entirely in Wenatchee The Hatchet's control.

Still, a lack of activity online is not necessarily a sign of a lack of activity.  It might be a bit forward to note that because Resurgence added robots.txt so that The WayBack Machine can no longer do web crawls that archive material published there that this has been a variable to consider in how to write about what sorts of things.  It's been rather striking what and how much material from Mark Driscoll has been purged in the last month. 

Some things under consideration for the blog are ways to make it slightly more user-friendly.  The blog does not have a history of having easily tagged sets of posts for consultation.  The possibility of constructing a timeline of basic events might also be handy.

But there's other material germinating.  Basically you'll probably know it when you see it and since at this point the blog has this reputation for being about X when Y, Z, A, W and Q also appear at the blog and that's not likely to change.  People are going to be thinking about the Mars Hill related posts regardless of what may show up at the blog about anime or the music of Ferdinand Rebay.

But in the interest of getting a blog post back toward the arts, if briefly ... we'll have a little something momentarily.

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