Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where are they know 2b: Scott Thomas no longer listing the Masters in Missional Leadership from Resurgence Training Center

Then again, Scott Thomas was able to earn the degree while co-teaching a practicum in the program ... or at least he used to.  Now the evidence that he taught and earned the degree has to come from some place like a republished blurb for a book at Westminster Theological Seminary

About the Authors

Scott Thomas created the Gospel Coach Training and Certification system and has coached hundreds of pastors. Scott has served as president and network director of Acts 29 Network and as an elder at Mars Hill Church. Scott has a Masters in Missional Leadership [emphasis added] and has been married for thirty years to Jeannie, with whom he has two sons. He planted and replanted churches for sixteen years as a lead pastor. Scott has taught for Resurgence Training Center in Seattle and is a conference speaker in the US as well as a consultant for both Western European church planting and Canadian church planting. Scott wrote Theological Clarity and Application and has written blogs for Acts 29 Network, The Resurgence, Mars Hill Church and ChurchPlanting.com.

So it looks like Scott Thomas has opted not to mention the Masters in Missional Leadership these days.  For that matter Derrin Thomas, his son, has an updated LinkedIn profile.  We've discussed his profile in the past over here.  In light of Jamie Munson's accusation against Bent Meyer of nepotism it's been really, really weird to notice how thoroughly synchronized Derrin Thomas' career has been with his father's ministry trajectory up until relatively recently. 

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