Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some reading for the weekend

High-school cheerleaders rule the halls, commanding the admiration of every dweeb, dork, and quarterback. But as salaried adults, cheerleaders are at the bottom of the pyramid.

Romantic comedies may falter but romance is still in cinema and that may be better.  If the decline of the rom-com and the meet-cute scene means fewer Mega Ryan/Kate Hudson vehicles so much the better, eh?

Meh, twenty years on from college and bromides about the well-rounded education and the merest suggestion that you should pile on more not-related-to-my-degree requirements just to get an undergrad degree sounds idiotic.  Yes, education is valuable and yes it "can" open career doors but sometimes you pick a degree that's kind of useless up front or tied to a skill-set or career field that's undergoing a tectonic shift.  Anyone want to guess that this is not a purely academic or conjectural observation?  There's a no-prize for you.  :)

HT Mockingbird, "For the Love of Money".  Years ago I saw a short account by someone who claimed that before being a Christian he worshipped money and that he'd get credit cards and rack up debt to get things to have.  And I thought to myself that here was a man who had not made an idol of money at all but of some kind of status.  As someone wrote in some book, whoever loves money never has money enough.  You can have more money than people can imagine and still have emotional problems.

Fittingly, on that note,  another Mockingbird HT, the Adam West/Burt Ward Batman series is finally hitting DVD.  :)

And yet another HT to Mockingbird, a case that the legacy of Friends is pernicious.  I was getting stoked about Batman: the animated series and the possibilities Pixar was beginning to explore in the 1990s.  Then there was The Simpsons and South Park.  It was the dawning of practically a second golden age of animation twenty years ago but Friends?  What was that and why did it matter?   Well, anyway, it was a bit more than twenty years ago this weekend that that show emerged. 

Oh, yes, and someone's getting tired of the stunt book.  Another M-bird HT.  Yes, there's a whole pile of material that "should" be appearing over there but hasn't materialized yet about Justice League. :(

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