Thursday, January 02, 2014

in other news, World Magazine revisits the Driscoll/Mars Hill publications controversy

World Magazine's Warren Smith revisits the news regarding Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill, allegations of plagiarism and which publishers are investigating and discussing things.  If the Dec 18 Tyndale press statement was made in any hope that matters would be considered settled where press coverage was concern those hopes appear to have been misplaced. 

As Warren Throckmorton has noted recently, Mark Driscoll's plagiarism kerfuffle made the top five plagiarism stories of 2013 at iThenticate.  It's worth noting that the general understanding of the plagiarism controversy substance at iThenticate suggests a lack of knowledge about the works published through Thomas Nelson, specifically Real Marriage and Who Do You Think You Are? where questions about the provenance and nature of the material are still pending.  The Tyndale statement did not address those publications and addressed the Trial study guide that happened to get pulled due to citation errors. While Meffered pulled the material she did not rescind the allegations and, let's note for a moment, if the allegations had no merit to them why did Intervarsity Press's statement that the material was not properly cited or credited lead to the retraction of the book and an apology from Driscoll (kind of)?

If it's any consolation to Driscoll and Mars Hill they've done better than Shia LaBeouf, who reportedly couldn't even issue a statement of apology without somehow managing to plagiarize. If that's true then, well, that's kind of amazing. Don't expect Optimus Prime to roll out to save you, man.

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