Monday, January 13, 2014

Driscoll preaches James 1 and talks about his submission and the vetting of his calling

HT to reader Andrew O'Brien for pointing this upcoming excerpt out earlier.

The sermon and transcript were made available January 12, 2014, the weekend of Ken Hutcherson's memorial service (January 11, 2014, for those who kept track of the death of the pastor of Antioch Bible Church, without whom/which there may not have been a Mars Hill.
I’m not just in authority; I’m under authority. I have pastors do my performance review, can rebuke me, can terminate me, whatever the case may be. It’s important to know that everyone needs to be under spiritual authority, including those who are in spiritual authority.

When I felt called to start Mars Hill, I went and met with elders. When I felt called into ministry, I went and met with my first pastor. I said, “I think this is what God’s telling me to do.” He said, “I think that’s right, but you’re nowhere near ready. It’s going to be a really long time.” “OK, I’ve got a lot of work to do.” When I felt called to plant, I went through a full assessment. Pastors oversaw me, a team interviewed me, a church sent me, an overseer had authority over me.

Are those pastors that keep him accountable and can terminate him the ones that apparently never noticed anything amiss with all those publications that got mentioned in the plagiarism allegations of 2013?  There's a whole lot of preventative medicine that could have happened there instead of adding Dan Allender's name in the acknowledgments of Real Marriage retroactively in a Kindle edition because multiple people who have no formal connection to Mars Hill Church pointed out Allender's work was indisputably an influence on at least one Driscoll and should have been credited.

And those elders who Driscoll met with about his calling were ... ?  Driscoll didn't see reason to mention their names but we might be able to go find some clues or even actual names here in a bit.

Ken Hutcherson's memorial service was this last weekend, by the way, and he apparently played some kind of role in the earlier days of Mars Hill Church.

In the second season, Grace and I began attending Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, where we volunteered our time working with their college ministry. We then located in Seattle to be closer to students and after a few months I was brought on staff as a part-time intern to oversee the college group. I served in that position for nearly two years and learned a great deal in my first position of ministry leadership in a church. At that time I met Mike Gunn who had moved from a pastorate in Southern California to begin a ministry to athletes at the University of Washington. I also met Lief Moi, a local radio show host, who came in to teach a class for us. These two men and their wives and children became like family and together we began dreaming about the possibility of planting an urban church for an emerging postmodern generation in one of the least churched cities in the U.S. We began praying, studying the scriptures, reading a great deal on postmodernity, and dialoging together to formulate a philosophy of ministry appropriate for our context. Helping us formulate our launch plan was Dr. Greg Kappas, who graciously mentored us and provided wise insight and counsel.

In the third season, we began a small Bible study in graciously loaned space from Emmanuel Bible Church in Seattle. The original small core of about a dozen people was a Bible study comprised largely of twenty-somethings from the college group, the Gunn and Moi families, and Chris Knutzen who had joined the Campus Crusade for Christ staff at the U.W. We began meeting weekly in an extremely hot upstairs youth room, and after a few months outgrew the space and began meeting in the sanctuary. It was during this season that the rest of our current elders - the Browns, Currahs and Schlemleins - and some singles and families joined us. It was also during this season that Pastor Ken Hutcherson and our friends at Antioch Bible Church began their generous financial support to cover my salary to ensure that I would not be a financial strain on the young church.

In the fourth season, we launched the church in October 1996 at 6pm with an attendance around 200, which included many friends and supporters. The attendance leveled off shortly thereafter, somewhere around 100 adults, and we continued meeting until the Christmas season.

In the fifth season, we moved to a church building in the Laurelhurst district one mile east of the UW. We had been searching for space in the University District with no luck, but this move got us closer to our desired area. The location afforded us an opportunity to launch small groups, classes, dinners and other events throughout the week. We also opened a small office at the church and hired some office staff to begin formulating more infrastructure to organize our continued growth. ...

Whether or not Driscoll attended the memorial service hasn't been established


Winston said...

I literally looked over at my wife when Mark began clearing his conscience as he exegeted the word "pillar" into a 20 min long diatribe on "authority," this past Sunday; one gets the sense that these scandals are beginning to take their tole on the leadership of MH. As a former cop, I can tell you, Mark telegraphs plenty in his sermons. There hasn't been a week yet where Mark isn't trying to justify himself, apologize, explain, etc., intentionally or unintentionally. Worst of all, the sheep in the congregation haven't a clue as to what's really going on with their shepherd.

And yes, he spoke, among other issues, of the church meeting its goal of raising over 2 million dollars and the strength of finances they flashed the number to text your tithes and offerings in on the 3 screens and the offering baskets made their rounds, no joke.

Never a dull moment here :) I'm not a member, never will be. But it's where we go for now. I like to think of myself attending not because of Mark but in spite of him; God's kingdom is much larger and more important than the kingdom Mark is trying to build.

Anonymous said...

It really is all about the numbers. By your mere presence, you offer tacit approval of what is going on. Despite your disclaimer, you are culpable, since you know the truth but continue to support the regime by your presence.

But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough. -- II Corinthians 11:3-4

Anonymous said...

Mark has hurt many a former friend and very good person establishing himself as unimpeachable in the environment he now rules over. But, if “someone” is indeed to be blamed suddenly he calls himself “under authority”. I do not buy that he is “under authority”. This is simply part of the bate and switch we consistently see with him.