Thursday, January 16, 2014

and a few more links

I wasn’t worried until you told me not to worry!  It wouldn't be Slate's Double X without a piece of this sort.  The single guy's joke that he's not talked to about marriage because he's past saving might not make sense to a woman writing for Double X, but we've discussed the disposable nature of males in all societies elsewhere at this blog.  The reverse of being disposable, indispensable, may be more readily seen by some as the constraint it is but life is full of, how do we put it, opportunity costs.  Being indispensable will inevitably feel like a prison but disposability is not necessarily more emotionally or financially secure.  Still ... there can be advantages to not having anyone else depend on you for livelihood, let alone life.

How to spot a narcissist online.

For some reason this piece at Psyblog about how lots of sex for middle-aged rats improves brain function and restores vitality got me thinking about this polemic over at Cracked about how science is broken and a shockingly large amount of medical research is nonsense (obviously not the word they're going to use over at Cracked).

Finally, just because ... 


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