Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tyndale releases statement about Driscoll's A Call to Resurgence

Tyndale and Driscoll mainly address A Call to Resurgence. Tyndale and Driscoll consider the allusions to the work of Peter Jones sufficient to be proper citation within market standards, as has been stated before.

With respect to Mefferd's evidence of improper use of material without citation of material published by Intervarsity Press in the Trial study guide Driscoll agrees that errors were made. Driscoll mentions meeting with an editor to discuss the situation and apologize.  This was probably D. A. Carson, though Driscoll does not name names--Carson has a book published through Resurgence, if memory serves, and was one of the editors in the volume published by Intervarsity Press that Mefferd said was not properly cited in the study guide for the 1 & 2 Peter series.

Driscoll also clarified that MH initially stated inaccurately that the guide was never sold. 

Unfortunately, when we removed the Trial PDF from the Mars Hill website, we replaced it with a statement that claimed the book was never sold. That study guide was originally created for in-house small group use at Mars Hill so we gave it away at our church. We first believed we did not receive any revenue from this, but we later discovered that Trial was in fact previously sold on the Resurgence website and by Logos Software. To the best of our knowledge, total profits to Mars Hill from these sales are $236.35. We have corrected the previous statement on our website, and apologize for this error as well.

As was noted at The Resurgence the extra copies of the book were sold at cost to recover printing expenses.  So it would appear that there should have been no profit at all from sale of the remaining books of they were simply sold at cost but Logos was not necessarily going to just sell a set of books at cost once they acquired the extra books. 

Also of note from Driscoll:

 Our Full Council of Elders and Board of Advisors and Accountability have all been thoroughly informed, as I am gladly under authority both internally at Mars Hill to a team of Elders, and to a formal leadership team from outside of Mars Hill.

This board currently consists of :
Dr. Tripp joins the current Board members: Michael Van Skaik, Dr. James MacDonald, Dr. Larry Osborne, Mark Driscoll, Dave Bruskas, and Sutton Turner. This Board of Advisors and Accountability was voted upon and installed by an overwhelmingly supportive vote from the entire eldership, with every single elder who voted doing so in approval

Three of these men are not currently listed as pastors at Mars Hill Church and the other three are executive elders, including Mark Driscoll himself.  If the board has as one of its aims to keep Mark Driscoll accountable some reassurance as to precisely how and why a board with Driscoll himself on board with men who are employees of Mars Hill Church, the corporation he is legally president of, would be good to provide some time.

Mefferd has clarified via tweet that she mentioned four books and not merely two.  One of the books she made reference to is Real Marriage.  Wenatchee The Hatchet has previously published a comparison of Grace Driscoll's chapter 7 of Real Marriage to Dan Allender's chapter 9 of The Wounded Heart.  While Tyndale and Intervarsity Press have weighed in on recent events Thomas Nelson has not made any statements, nor have Dan Allender or NavPress, have they? 

Furthermore not all concerns raised about books by Mark Driscoll have focused on allegations of plagiarism or ghostwriting.  At Heidelblog an objection was raised to the historical credibility of the assertion that Jacob Arminius was the son-in-law of John Calvin.  Since Mefferd has mentioned that she discussed more than just two books a reader may consult this link for further reading. 

The public statement by Tyndale and Mark Driscoll lays to rest their understanding of the recently released A Call to Resurgence and the study guide for the 1 & 2 Peter series preached at Mars Hill Church. Some kind of public acknowledgment on the part of Mark and Grace Driscoll to the influence of Dan Allender's work within their lives and the history of Mars Hill Church has yet to be made.