Sunday, December 29, 2013

Religion News Dispatches--Becky Garrison surveys the Christian publishing scene and the Mark Driscoll plagiarism controversy

Mars Hill is currently aiming to land some real estate owned by Sound Transit with plans to move its corporate headquarters from their 50th street building in Ballard to Bellevue.  Check out the following link for details. Of course Mars Hill Church is also planning to host school programs via Western Seminary and Corban University and in 2014 Wenatchee The Hatchet plans to survey the history of attempts at providing seminary-style education over the years.  But all that is to say that amid an attempt to land real estate already owned by Sound Transit and preparing another shot at a seminary the allegations of plagiarism leveled by Janet Mefferd against Mark Driscoll came at an arguably inopportune time when Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll were both preparing to throw down gauntlets in the form of new challenges for the congregation. 

Garrison surveys the coverage and blogging so far and a couple of blogs may be familiar to readers who have kept tabs on events in the last two months.  Garrison notes that Driscoll's public apology via Tyndale did not address the implied allegation that a research assistant or associate was to blame.  While it was a simple matter for anyone to go see that Driscoll publicly praised Holcomb as his research assistant in early 2009 that praise via open letter has been scrubbed away.  Unfortunately for MH PR and Driscoll in particular, whoever opted to implicitly shift blame to a research assistant forgot how much material Mars Hill puts out for the public to read, archive, dredge up via The WayBack Machine or otherwise keep on record for future consultation.  Meanwhile, as Garrison notes, there's no indication Driscoll and company issued any apology for the implied accusation that a research assistant or somebody-not-Driscoll was to blame for the "citation errors". 

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