Monday, December 30, 2013

Driscoll and plagiarism concerns continues, this time via Twitter

While in 2012 Matthew Paul Turner and Rachel Held Evans were two of the stars of the against-Driscoll web presence 2013 has been a fallow year, despite the detail that allegations of plagiarism in multiple books are arguably a bigger deal than a single disciplinary case.  After all, the corporation of Mars Hill Church itself and Mark Driscoll as an individual get implicated in "citation errors" and in contrast to Andrew Lamb's situation the plagiarism allegations were big enough of a deal for Mark Driscoll to issue an apologetic statement via Tyndale (though not, we may note, through either Mars Hill Church or through Pastor Mark TV where he preferred to blog bromides about mistakes single people make regarding marriage, as usual). 

Seeing as Turner has blogged about the exigencies of raising a two-year old it's quite easy to understand why he'd have other things on his mind. :) 

But as of now 2013 has not ended and Turner has sounded on the twagiarism situation specifically and Driscoll's plagiarism kerfuffle generally (and, really, who could resist using "kerfuffle" after Driscoll made such a point of using it in 2012 on the matter of some event or not at Liberty University?). 

Comedians recycling or borrowing the jokes of others without attribution has been the subject of debate and humor before.  For those inclined and willing to watch the South Park episode "Fish Sticks" may be a useful reference point.  A comparison between Mark Driscoll and Carlos Mencia ... hmm ... well, if you've seen the South Park episode perhaps that inarticulate rambling might make some sense.

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