Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Year in Review at Wenatchee the Hatchet, with a trite top ten list

In the time-honored tradition of top ten lists (not that we've seen one here at this blog before) ... here are the top ten posts at Wenatchee The Hatchet in terms of traffic (such as it was).  Conveniently they all seem to have been from this year.

In descending order of traffic (again, don't assume there's been a ton of traffic for any one of these):

1. Apparently Mark Driscoll now says of Mars Hill "We're not a wealthy church".

2. Announcement from Mark Driscoll that Bill Clem is resigning leadership of Mars Hill Ballard, Alex Early replacing him.
3. Mars Hill Church in May and June of 2012: systemic deficits and a million-dollar home purchased in Snonohomish county
4. follow up on a comment mentioning the BAJI group guys and Mars Hill--names and roles

5. Mars Hill altered statement about Trial study guide, credits(blames?) assistants on research, Docent Group states Mars Hill given sufficient information to properly cite sources

6. Transitions at Mars Hill Downtown Seattle and Bellevue, aka departure of Tim Gaydos

7. "It's all about the numbers?", How to get over fear of inviting people to church, and a parking lot community group--Mars Hill in a time of numeric decline
8. Mark Driscoll invites John MacArthur to meet in 2013 vs Driscoll refusing to meet with MacArthur in 2009 at MacArthur's initiative

9. Janet Mefferd presents documentation of Mark Driscoll's work to work by Peter Jones and Don Carson
10. Real Marriage, Chapter 7--Grace and Disgrace
Alert readers may notice another pattern in the top ten list besides the content being from 2013.  No, it's not that the most-read posts are about Mars Hill.  Would that one of the top ten posts was some esoteric discussion of sonata form in the guitar sonatas of Diabelli or an overview of a charming work by Ferdinand Rebay.  Nope, not going to happen, even though you can read about precisely those things here at Wenatchee The Hatchet if you wish. 

In fact blogging about music was one of those things that was on the table that just didn't happen, which is a shame.  Perhaps in 2014 that can be remedied but there's other things to blog about.  In the top items that Wenatchee should have gotten to blogging about but didn't are the histories of foundered attempts by a certain brand to start a school and a music label but, hey, we can wait until 2014 for that.  The "where are they now?" series was conceived as something that would have been done by now but other things in the news cycle emerged that became a distraction.  Regular readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet won't have to wonder for even ten seconds what went down in November that became newsworthy.

What was also noteworthy for Christian bloggers was who DIDN'T have anything much to say about the plagiarism controversy when it erupted.  Matthew Paul Turner has a book in the works and a two-year old to raise so it makes sense he'd be a bit busy to actually sound off on Driscoll but the contrast between what he wrote in 2012 and 2013 is still notable.  Turner has understandable reasons to be busy and not directly address the developments at Mars Hill.  Wenatchee has no doubt, however, he has at least some idea what's been going on.

But after a year of biblical womanhood from late 2011 to late 2012 in which she directly addressed Mark Driscoll it would have seemed like Rachel Held Evans might have weighed in with something new in 2013.  Not so much.  Back in 2012 when she had a book to sell (through Thomas Nelson, no less, the same publisher of Real Marriage) she sure found the courage to be indignant at Driscoll and in 2013 when Janet Mefferd alleged that Mark Driscoll plagiarized material from other authors ... well ... Evans didn't bother to say much, did she?  Not being particularly awed by either Driscoll or Evans at least we can say at this point there's no doubt Evans writes her own material, right?   No Docent Group aid for her.

This was a year of some guest-blogging for Wenatchee The Hatchet at one of the traditional venues but Wenatchee also branched out into a new setting or two.  Readers won't be surprised which venues those were! 

If Wenatchee seemed about half as productive this year as last year there was a reason for that, a day job.  This blog is a fraction of what Wenatchee The Hatchet actually does, maybe a large fraction at certain times and stages, but a fraction all the same.  Thanks for reading and we'll see what we manage to write about in 2014. 

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