Sunday, November 17, 2013

various projects incubating

Steady readers will have noticed this year has only been maybe half as productive for Wenatchee The Hatchet as 2012 was.  There are reasons for that, patently obvious reasons for that for the steady reader.  Life is full of trade-offs and one trade-off to being semi-gainfully employed is having vastly less time for writing and research.  Whether Wenatchee The Hatchet could be considered an actually prolific blogger in 2013 seems moot.  In 2013 the blogging was kind of prolific, kinda, but 717 posts doesn't seem that big for some reason.

And there are still things incubating.  Things are by no means done for Mockingbird and there's a new project in the works for the short-term.  There's also a number of incubating sets of posts for here about a few points of historical interest about an apparently now-defunct masters program.  It will take little guesswork there for regulars.

But there's also exciting stuff to blog about regarding some commentaries I've been reading, particularly stuff about Judges and Ecclesiastes and some stuff from Schlatter I meant to write about that has kind of gone by the wayside. 

There's such a thing as having some kind of a social life.

And there's such a thing as having this blog include posts about music again.  Having a social life has kind of curtailed musical work for a short time, a time that I hope will come to an end.  Social life is wonderful but so is creative activity. 

As for the projects, well, beyond what's been written you'll probably know them when you see them (if they pop up here) but Wenatchee has done guest writing this year in some new venues in the last year or so (you may remember them, dear reader).

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