Saturday, November 16, 2013

Something else that's new on the timeline at Joyful Exiles

The above looks to be an excerpt from dormant/removed blog The Rise and Fall of Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church).  For whatever reason the blog The Rise and Fall of Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church) has been down for years.  At this point if Joshua Ball were to revive the blog it might contain helpful from-the-time accounts of what was going on. 

For that matter, Joshua Ball probably did not know, as Wenatchee The Hatchet certainly did not know, that when Scott Thomas explained on October 11, 2007 that "we just completed a conciliatory process with these two men" that this was not true.  It's worth repeating that Thomas referred to an already completed conciliatory process days before the trial in which the case was made that Petry needed to be removed.  Driscoll's address at an Acts 29 event at the start of October does not give the  impression that the termination and ejection of Petry and Meyer was seen as anything other than a foregone conclusion by Mark Driscoll.  As then President of Acts 29 it's not as though Scott Thomas wasn't in any position to have heard the audio.

There's nothing about what happened to Petry and Meyer that could be described as a conciliatory process so far.  If anything there appears to be evidence that Scott Thomas, the executive elder tasked with heading up the EIT, simply lied to a member about what was going on, used his Acts 29 Network email to disseminate the lie, and hid behind procedure and protocol to preclude the possibility of any further enquiry being made.  That's how it looks, others are welcome to provide better or more informed explanations if those exist.

Which is to suggest that if Joshua Ball was asked by Mars Hill elders to take down the old blog The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Church, new details have come to light since 2012. 

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