Monday, November 11, 2013

Mars Hill Pastor Scott Harris informs Ballard that Jon Krombein has resigned his membership and elder at Mars Hill.

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Pastor Scott Harris
From Pastor Scott Harris:
Ballard Members,
What an incredible week for Jesus and his church. We have a lot going on, and a lot of great opportunities before us. It is a pleasure to serve with you as we seek to make disciples and plant churches in his name.
With growth and progress always comes change. Today I wanted to inform you that Pastor Jon Krombein has resigned his membership and eldership at Mars Hill. The Ballard elders and I have met with Jon and accepted his resignation yesterday. 
We want to thank Jon and his family for serving so faithfully for many years here at Mars Hill, and we ask that you join us in praying for them and whatever future God has in store for them.
For his glory,
Pastor Scott

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For those who may not know the history of MH Ballard in 2012 Scott Harris took over when Alex Early left after being lead pastor at Ballard for just a few months in the wake of Bill Clem's resignation.  More recently at Mars Hill Ballard Nathan Burke departed in August 2013.  That resignation may or may not have gotten announced by Scott Harris but Nathan Burke was replaced by Adam Christiansen from the look of things.

Ballard has had some impressive turnover in 2013 since Bill Clem left.  Not quite as impressive as no less than three pastors at Mars Hill Downtown all resigning for various reasons within the same month but let's let Event Horizon explain that stuff in more detail since the blogger at Event Horizon appears to have actually been at the meeting in which Tim Gaydos' resignation was announced.  It may be advisable to take some of the statements with a grain of salt as one should for things reported. 

In any event, Krombein has been announced as on his way out. 

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