Saturday, November 30, 2013

at First Things, Colin Garbarino comments about Mark Driscoll, Mefferd allegations and plagiarism

Garbarino's simple and blunt verdict is that Driscoll has flunked on citation credibility.  Moving along, Garbarino proposes that any of a small number of reasons for the plagiarism could be considered but quickly moves on to the matter of ghostwriters, since it has come up in the wake of the Mefferd allegations that perhaps Team Driscoll relies on ghostwriting and the ghostwriter may have been responsible for what not all Christians even wish to concede could possibly be plagiarism to begin with.

Garbarino closes with the consideration that maybe Driscoll isn't a plagiarism but perhaps the ghostwriter is.  Well, in academia ghostwriting is also no good and both plagiarism and ghostwriting are lying as far as Garbarino is concerned.

The matter of who may have done ghostwriting at Mars Hill Church in the last few years warrants a separate post.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me that the amount of sheeple, who know nothing about writing, presume to know that they know what constitutes plagerism. It's stealing! Taking something that's not yours! Ugh...these semantic games.