Thursday, October 24, 2013

a MH revamp of the job opportunities web page

Time was, not too long ago that this would lead you somewhere

But not lately, nope, the 404 message that the tomb is empty and so is the URL.

This still leads somewhere so long as you bear in mind that this

currently leads to something more like ...

The new layout makes it much clearer which jobs are campus and which are central and omits the detail of how long a job listing has been posted or when it was posted to begin with, arguably mundane and unnecessary details.  When jobs are filled the listings can simply be taken down. 

This job, Account Manager, Ministry Leads, seems relatively new:

The Account Manager will report to the Senior Account Manager for the Media & Communications department and will manage all requests and projects that come from First Among Equals (FAE) who are The ministry leads. The FAE ministries include Small Groups, Biblical Counseling, Women's, Worship, Students, and Kidss This person is the messenger and advocate for the ministries both individually (as each has unique needs) and corporately (the collective needs of Mars Hill Church as a whole). This means the Account Manager will be their eyes and ears within central to make sure all relevant information from across the various teams and disciplines is communicated out to the the ministries. Secondly this means that they will partner with ministries to identify challenges and pain points to work within MedCom to develop and deliver solutions for each ministry. It requires the ability to discern when you should protect, when you should deflect, and when you should innovate. It requires the ability to assimilate input, information, and direction from multiple stakeholders and turn that into clear action items. It requires the ability to operate at forest level thinking, seeing both the forest and the trees as well as immediate needs while also thinking down the road and preparing for what’s around the next bend in the road. 

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