Saturday, September 28, 2013

For folks who may wonder, how is compensation established at Mars Hill? A short answer from their site

In light of the role numbers have played in Mars Hill discussion about itself and what we've been able to find out about numeric decline (though they may be rebounding right now for all we know).
How is compensation set at Mars Hill?

Compensation is connected and linked to increased responsibilities that are directly related to the mission and vision of Mars Hill, which are given by supervisors and communicated between leadership and employees. Each position is assigned a staff level (staff, supervisor, manager, director, etc.) based on level of responsibility. The staff level determines the compensation range and vacation eligibility.

Compensation for being a staff member at one of our 14 churches is based on the responsibility and number of people in weekend attendance. Three different independent studies are used to determine market rates for all staff positions.

The independent members of the Board of Advisors and Accountability set executive elders’ compensation. Additionally, an independent compensation study is done for our executive elders by an external accounting firm.

So would the responsibility be an independent variable of how many employees are supervised by the staff member?  Because "and number of people in weekend attendance" makes it seem as though your compensation as a staff member is informed not merely by how many people are under your authority (if any) within the organization but also how many people are in weekend attendance at ... where?  The campus you're employed at? 

If Mars Hill wants to say it's not all about the numbers the guys at the top can afford to say that, but what about the revolving door of people at the lowest to mid-management levels who come in for maybe a year or as few as four to five months and then vanish? 

There have been comments at this blog to the effect that when the numbers flag at a campus guys get shown the door.  Given the wording of the Stewardship page and its description of how compensation is established for all levels of staff there may just be something to that now.

So it's not all about the numbers for the big three because they can afford that.  For everyone else, though, how many people attend on the weekend apparently DOES play some kind of role in whether you keep your job. 

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