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follow up on a comment mentioning the BAJI group guys and Mars Hill--names and roles
It's a list of the most recent "lead" pastors to leave MH. Don't believe the spin that any of these guys were "sent out," as they might have you believe. And yes, switch Mulkey with Jennings.
Also of note, several of the key central staff leaders have left recently. House, Holcomb, the guys... to name a few.

On Scott Thomas, you're kidding yourself if you think "Joyful Exiles" had anything to do with that. There's much more to that story than an admittedly bad story from 2006-7.

If you haven't noticed, it's a Mark Driscoll rampage (and now Sutton Turner). Get on the bus (do what you're told and kiss their feet) or get off the bus (and get run over, as we know from the Joyful Exiles stories).

As soon as you realize that the Mark Driscoll that exiled Paul Petry and Bent Meyer is the same Mark Driscoll that is pushing away almost every single leader at Mars Hill, the sooner you'll understand what's going on. At the end of the day, he pushes people away who do not continually praise everything he says and does.

The MH thing isn't the same conspiracy you make it out to be; it's not a group of people drinking the same kool-aid. No, this is a controlling, charismatic dictator, who destroys anyone who gets in his way. There's nothing special about Joyful Exiles. They may have been one of the first, but they've certainly not been the last.
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The mention of the BAJI group guys was very specific.  So specific it seemed worth noting who they are.  It may seem dull to anyone not already immersed in its history but the anonymous commenter mentioning BAJI touches on names of guys who were at Mars Hill during the 2011 trademark/logo situation.

Mike Anderson
Managing Director

Mike is always looking at the big picture. In his early twenties he led a leadership website called Resurgence, now read by millions each year. He then took that platform and led the expansion into large events, retail sales, and a publishing company—even leading the marketing campaign for a #1 New York Times Best Selling book. Now he helps organizations who do great things build their platform.

At BAJI Mike is the guy tending to overall business, building the team, making sure our systems are top notch and running smoothly, working with clients on long-term planning, making sure that no one goes to jail, and helping to ensure that we have a culture that we all want to be a part of.
Mike Anderson's Projects 2012 Redesign 
 November 2011 to January 2012

Team Members: Mike Anderson, Perry Azevedo, Seth Faxon, Dan Ott

From Christianty Today's coverage of the Mars HIll trademark fracas
Officials from the Ballard, Washington, multisite church say a member called attention to the Sacramento church's website, asking if the churches were connected. When elders saw a logo similar to their own, which has been in use since 1996, they sent a cease-and-desist letter to Sacramento's Mars Hill Community Church, which has three locations if its own. Mars Hill Seattle filed an application to trademark its name and logo in August.

"The purpose of including both the name and logo in our filing, as opposed to just our name or just our M logo, is to allow us to prevent other churches from combining a 'Mars Hill' name with a substantially similar logo, like what we saw with the Mars Hill churches in Sacramento," said Mike Anderson, director of communications at the Seattle-area church, which is pastored by Mark Driscoll. "We are not concerned with other Mars Hill churches unless their logo and branding is [similar to] ours. Based on our research, there were no other such churches."

Perry Azevedo

Front-end Web Design & Developer
Mars Hill Church 
Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
May 2011 – June 2012 (1 year 2 months) Seattle, WA
Redesigned and helped with front-end development for a major redesign of in 2012. Worked on the front-end development for the launch of Was responsible for front-end design and development for as well.

Perry Azevedo's Projects 2012 Redesign 
 November 2011 to January 2012

Team Members: Perry Azevedo, Seth Faxon, Dan Ott, Mike Anderson, Patrick Mahoney, Jake Johnson

This was a full site redesign. I was on a team of four who handled all the pre-planning (site map, wireframing, etc.). After that I took on lead design for the site, where I worked closely with the art director, followed by front-end development with the current lead web developer.

Pastor Mark 
 September 2011 to December 2011

Team Members: Perry Azevedo, Seth Faxon, Jake Johnson

Website & blog for the author, evangelist, and founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Responsibilities: front-end design & development.

 The Resurgence 
 April 2012 to May 2012

Team Members: Perry Azevedo, Willy Bravenec, Mike Anderson, Jesse Bryan, Patrick Mahoney, Mattox Shuler

Design refresh to bring it in line with a recent rebranding. Responsibilities: design & front-end development

Jesse Bryan
Creative Director

Jesse Bryan is a creative and brand director who's worked with brands such as Red Bull and News Corp and bands like Misfits, Rancid, Band of Horses, Questlove, and Demon Hunter. He previously served as the Creative Director for Mars Hill Church in Seattle, listed as one of the top-three innovative churches in the world with millions of online fans worldwide. Entrepreneurial and diverse, he is the co-founder of Totem, a Seattle-based AR platform, is currently the CEO of Mind Diaper, a Seattle-based app development company, and is putting the finishing touches on his second full-length film.

Creative Director
Mars Hill Church 
Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
January 2005 – August 2012 (7 years 8 months) Seattle
The Resurgence 
 April 2012 to May 2012

Team Members: Jesse Bryan, Patrick Mahoney, Perry Azevedo, Willy Bravenec, Mike Anderson, Mattox Shuler

Design refresh to bring it in line with a recent rebranding. Responsibilities: design & front-end development

Jake Johnson
Chief Copyrighter

Jake brings over a decade of professional writing experience to BAJI, having worked with numerous authors, businesses, and agencies to create top-notch publications ranging from business plans to New York Times bestsellers, and compelling ads and copy for a variety of campaigns. In addition to his work in publishing and advertising, he has served as a Pastor and Communications Director for Redemption Church in Arizona and as Chief Copywriter and Content Strategist for Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Jake graduated summa cum laude from Cornell University with a bachelor of arts in English Literature.

Chief Copywriter and Content Strategist
Mars Hill Church 
Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
June 2011 – August 2012 (1 year 3 months) Greater Seattle Area
Directed the content strategy, copywriting, and messaging for Mars Hill Church, a 15,000-member church in 14 locations and 4 states; Resurgence, a church leadership website with over 6 million visitors annually; and Pastor Mark Driscoll, a New York Times best-selling author and international speaker.

Jonny Ashcroft
Art Director

Jonny is a traditionally-trained fine artist who began his career as an interface designer before moving on to create advertising campaigns, product branding, and limited edition collectibles for Fender Musical Instruments. He went on to create award-winning work as the Creative Director for a large multi-congregational church before building a successful career as a freelance illustrator and designer, working with companies like UPS, Fast Company, The Atlantic, UCLA, Shell, The American Civil Liberties Union, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Yes, a lot of material simply drawn from elsewhere and as is usual of Wenatchee The Hatchet this information is presented for educational/informational purposes. 


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I'm always happy to answer any questions you have about me or the business we started. I don't know who you are otherwise I'd just give you a call. You can feel free to drop me a message on twitter (@mikeyanderson) or on my blog,

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

... there's been a surprisingly large number of views for this post since it went up. A few things have changed since then and while Wenatchee has noticed the newer things are not necessarily ever going to get a post. It's understood that some distance between present and past may be sought.

But there's definitely going to be posts about God's Work, Our Witness slated for publication down the road, for those who are curious.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

It has been conveyed to WtH that Anderson is no longer currently affiliated in any way with MH and the sourcing of the information has been confirmed in more than one way through sources we trust are reliable.

While the conspiratorial tone of the quoted comment seems a bit over the top whoever posted it made a point of mentioning the BAJI Group guys was clearly inside at some point comparatively recently.

Today's rampages (if they exist) are only possible because of the procedural and administrative groundwork laid by all 24 elders back in 2007. After all, they were Munson's bylaws and accusations, not Driscoll's, no matter how badly anonymous people want to put everything at Driscoll's feet. But that's been addressed at length elsewhere.

If people are going to make this the most read post on the blog then highlighting the fact that Munson and not Driscoll formulated the charges against Meyer and Petry is worth revisiting.