Saturday, September 28, 2013

a few weekend links

Phoenix Preacher on churches that are the equivalent of Walmart and your regional business.

David Zahl has been writing some fascinating personal reflections this month at Mockingbird.  First there was the subject of middle-age and how friendships can be talismans for self-assessment of social status and success.  The mid-life crisis that has become axiomatic for so many Americans can be summed up in second-guessing our investments.  The price of gaining A in life is the opportunity cost of having never gotten B.  A mid-life crisis, by this definition, could happen at any time but in mid-life our achievements are often at their peak and they further highlight contrasts among our peers.  I.e. singles don't tend to hang with the married-with-children and vice versa because we don't want to see the other us we could have chosen to be. 

Well, this week David has another one reflecting on his love of Nirvana and whether the music made him angry or his anger made him love the music.  Twenty years ago Wenatchee decided that Batman: the animated series was a pretty good cartoon and that Bartok's string quartets rocked.

Links for the weekend, just a few.

And now that a fairly solid day of blogging has transpired let's save some stuff for later.  Enjoy your weekend. 

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