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where are they now? MH pastors from `07 ... part 5 Tim Beltz

Tim Beltz became an executive elder in late October 2007 when the bylaws drafted by Jamie Munson were passed and the termination process of Bent Meyer and Paul Petry had run its course.  However Beltz was an elder candidate up to that point and became an instant executive elder once the Munson-drafted bylaws got passed.  Beltz had been Chief Operations Officer for CHRISTA ministries during the previous few years, years in which Mars Hill was granted free use of Schirmer Auditorium even to the point of not having to pay for utilities or janitorial service.  Beltz had been attending Mars Hill since about 2004. 

Beltz had been serving in a consultancy capacity during 2007 and was credited with advising on salary and policy adjustments in the 2007 re-org and in his subsequent role as executive elder.  Those details, to the extent to which they can be documented from Driscoll sermons and documents published at Joyful Exiles, have already been discussed here, here and here, at considerable length even by the standards of Wenatchee The Hatchet. On February 27, 2012 Wenatchee The Hatchet referred to an interview with Tim Beltz that had been posted at the Mars Hill West Seattle blog in which Beltz mentioned a reliance on James Noriega's biblical counseling materials.  A week or so later and the entire blog network and associate blog archives for the Mars Hill campus system seemed to be down (excepting, apparently Lake City, which didn't go down, apparently, because the campus had been closed for years in 2012 anyway). Not long after Wenatchee The Hatchet mentioned Beltz relying on Noriega's materials with a link to the Mars Hill West Seattle blog Tim Beltz turned out to be at Mars Hill Downtown, where he stayed until he left earlier this year.

Now it is worth noting that Tim Beltz was the one who wrote a letter to Mars Hill regarding the end of Lief Moi's eldership at Mars Hill, discussed at vast length else on this blog.  It is worth repeating that while Beltz stated that Moi had not stewarded his household well in the 2008 letter sent to Mars Hill members there is no mention in that letter that Moi's salary had been cut by nearly 40% in 2007 during the big Mars HIll re-org, let alone that Beltz himself had a role in that re-org.  Beltz may have simply not put together any of that but since a few years have transpired it's worth noting that Beltz' role in the re-org as consultant in 2007 and Moi's salary cut the same year are worth considering when one attempts to evaluate whether Beltz' statement about Moi could be considered fair or accurate or, to pose the question in a more extreme fashion, entirely truthful.  If you really want to read Beltz' letter in his own words click on the previous hotlink and scroll all the way to the bottom.  Otherwise, let's proceed.

Beltz himself has left Mars Hill as of earlier this year.  His departure was not formally announced the way Tim Gaydos' was. The posts discussing Gaydos' departure are here and hereAccording to Event Horizon Tim Gaydos, Tim Beltz, and Will Little all stepping down from leadership at the same time was coincidence and did not indicate anything one way or the other. 

 ... Pastor Beltz announced his resignation at the same meeting. Following a recent trip to an Acts 29 church plant in Louisville, KY, Beltz witnessed a great need for an Executive Pastor there. The elders of that church have asked him to come serve in that capacity and after much prayer Beltz accepted. This occurred over the previous two or three weeks.

Executive Pastor

Also over at Sojourn these days is ...

Pastor of Community Life

But this blog post isn't about House.  Beltz seems to have joined a church that already had four executive elders so exactly what great need for an executive pastor Sojourn had with its four executive pastors there already is asserted by Event Horizon but never explained.  Maybe Beltz actually thought/thinks that four executive pastors at The Journey wasn't enough.

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Former Sojourn member said...

All I'll say is I'm glad I got out when I did. There were a lot of factors in my decision to leave Sojourn but the Mars Hill connection and the leaders' dispassionate response to my concerns were two of the big ones.