Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Christian Brady on Jesus' cursing the fig tree and cleansing the Temple and a continually puzzling tale


There are many puzzling accounts in biblical texts, Jesus cursing a fig tree that was not even in the season to bear fruit is one of them.  Christian Brady, whose work we've linked to in the past for his nice explanation of why Mark Driscoll's claims that the Targum Neofiti proves Jews believed in the Trinity before Jesus (or something weirdly like that) doesn't hold up to any scholarly scrutiny.  If you want to part with some of your money to read Robert Cargill's paper inspired by the same Driscollian sub-competence on Old Testament literature generally and Jewish Targums (i.e. commentaries on Jewish scriptures) in particularly, knock yourself out. 

Meanwhile, Brady's writing about Jesus' cursing a fig tree is worth linking to.  Give it a read, if you've come this far already, and thanks for visiting.

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