Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tim Gaydos, a few months later

As longtime readers probably already know, Wenatchee The Hatchet has done a little documenting of Tim Gaydos' transition out of Mars Hill.  And of at least one attempt by someone apparently at Mars Hill to explain the real nature of the transitions. Brief mention was made of Gaydos' own remarks in 2008 about his joining the team

Well, some people might wonder what happened to Tim Gaydos.  Wasn't his wife expecting?  Didn't the executive elders decide Gaydos had to stop being lead pastor immediately?  Would seem to be so.  If we consult a few resources it turns out that AJ Hamilton is now Lead Pastor at Mars Hill Downtown.  So Gaydos is out.  But to where?

Here, it would seem.

Red Ring Project lead
Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
Started in April 2013

If so, then, congratulations to Gaydos on landing some work so soon in the wake of his resignation.  There's worse organizations to work with and for than Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, after all.  May the baby on the way be born healthy and at a propitious time. 

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