Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tim Beltz appears to be officially out of Mars Hill now

A while back when Tim Gaydos resigned that made news.  Gaydos' resignation also inspired someone to blog the following.

Selections below:

This past week at Mars Hill Church Downtown Seattle, our Lead Pastor Tim Gaydos unexpectedly resigned. The immediate reaction of course is to look for scandal as our leaders well know. I’m fully expecting this from the usual Mars Hill internet trolls. Unfortunately for them there’s nothing sinful or scandalous to uncover. Pastor Gaydos is simply being called to something else, which I suspect will involve a great deal of preaching and teaching, two things with which he is richly blessed. The only people who knew about his impending resignation were Pastor Gaydos and his wife. Even our Executive Elders, Pastors Mark, David and Sutton, were all surprised, which was plainly visible on their faces at our member’s meeting on March 11th.

...  Pastor Beltz announced his resignation at the same meeting. Following a recent trip to an Acts 29 church plant in Louisville, KY, Beltz witnessed a great need for an Executive Pastor there. The elders of that church have asked him to come serve in that capacity and after much prayer Beltz accepted. This occurred over the previous two or three weeks.

Sojourn, eh?  A church that's part of a network that pulled out of Acts 29 a bit more than year ago.

Say ... isn't that where Brad House ended up?  So it would seem.

Pastor of Community            
Nonprofit; 11-50 employees; Religious Institutions industry
2013Present (less than a year)

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
20052012 (7 years)

There are already four listed executive elders at the church so it wouldn't seem they need numbers but Beltz was part of the 2007 re-org in Mars Hill as a consultant and has a lot of experience in the non-profit sector.  So Beltz is no longer on the following roster.

There's no indication just yet Beltz has settled into Sojourn Community Church, or whether or not the author at the wordpress blog linked to at the top of the post has vetted facts accurately at all points or whether the author was speculating.  In lieu of documentation, this is probably the most that can be assembled for the moment.

POSTSCRIPT 05/13/2013

If you Google Tim Beltz and Mars Hill Church you'll see a link that refers to this as the initial result of the search:

But what it actually leads to (for now .... ) if you follow the link is:

Go to the actual link for and see if you can still find Tim Beltz.


Anonymous said...

NOoooooooo! Say it ain't so. Not more Mars Hill guys at Sojourn!!!

Listen a friend of mine works at a school that shares space with Sojourn here. They are getting a bit sick of their stuff being stolen on weekends. Even down to Emergency kits that are mandatory for schools.

Anonymous said...

Oh, even though Sojourn is small they enjoy the advantage of help from the unsuspecting SBC donors to stay top heavy and afloat thanks to Mohler's people in charge of the money.

Typical YRR church plant. Lazy and entitlement mentality. Not long ago, it was a real trial to plant a church. Now we put little boys in charge with a decent salary.

Anonymous said...

OK, so that didn't work - can you email me @ so that we can have a private conversation?