Saturday, May 18, 2013

I saw it

and I enjoyed it.  One or two eye-rolling moments but overall, fun.  I'd be happy to see it again.  Will resist the temptation to blog massive spoilers about plot points and thematic concerns which suggest to this blogger that Trekkies who bewail the franchise betraying the thoughtful humanism of Roddenberry's "vision" don't realize that practically the only way to get people to have Trek stories to begin with involves realizing that you can't possibly keep the Prime Directive and have much by way of story. 

For people who were paying attention to this weekend's tentpole it's spelled out in the first twenty minutes.


steve said...

I'm gland you got so much out of Fast & Furious 6 :-)

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I haven't actually seen a Vin Diesel film that I can recall since The Iron Giant, now that you mention him. :)

Karl Urban's still great as Dr. McCoy.

steve said...

I've heard DeForest Kelley does a great impersonation of Karl Urban :-)