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Tim Gaydos on leading within Mars Hill in 2008 and in 2013

For those who read this, there's some backstory to Gaydos' arrival within leadership at Mars Hill that could be easily overlooked

March 2, 2008
Part 9 of Religion Saves

Well, howdy, Mars Hill. My name’s Mark, if you’re new. I’m one of the pastors of the church. This is Tim Gaydos. He’s also one of the pastors of the church. One of the things that’s really working for us and we’re really thrilled about is our multi-campus approach. We’re meeting in I think 16 services now. You’d know more than me. Sixteen services now in what’s gonna be six locations here shortly. Pastor Tim will inform you about that. We’re opening a brand new campus in Downtown Seattle in the Belltown area. He is the campus pastor spearheading the charge.

So I brought him for a couple a reasons. I want him to just tell you a little bit about his story and what God’s doing so that if God should want you to be a part of that, we’d love to have you join the core and help launch the downtown campus. And if nothing else, you can all be in prayer for he and his team as they’re gearing up for the March 16 debut. So why don’t you start, buddy. Let ’em know kinda who you are, where you grew up, a little bit of your story, and then we’ll jump in on the launch March 16.

Tim Gaydos: Yeah, cool. I’m a native Seattleite, born and raised here in Seattle. Not many of us, but definitely have a huge love for the city and for Seattle. Grew up in a Christian home, basically turned away from the faith, turned away from Jesus growing up, and basically used the city and used it to pursue my own saturation, my own pleasure, my own fulfillment. Pillaged it, abused it. And shortly before my 21st birthday, Jesus absolutely grabbed me and changed my heart, gave me new desires, new distinctions. And from that point on, really, he’s given me a heart to serve and love our city which I abused, really, and consumed and Jesus audibly called my wife and I to serve here at Mars Hill and to serve in the downtown core. [emphasis added] So we’re just excited to be able to bring hopefully what Jesus is gonna do of vival in the heart of Seattle.

Mark Driscoll: Explain the vival versus revival.

Tim Gaydos: Right. Well the vival something that we’re praying for because there really is no re. We’re praying for a vival ’cause we’re in a pre-Christian state here in the downtown core. God’s gospel really hasn’t penetrated the downtown core, and so that’s what we’re praying for and we’re really expecting God to do huge, miraculous things downtown.

Mark Driscoll: Explain the place God gave you and the building he’s opened up. It’s a cool story.

Tim Gaydos: Oh, man. It’s amazing. Back in September or so, God opened up a door. We were able to get a building significantly under market value. Just so happened to be No. 1 on Mayor Nickels’ hit list of clubs that he wanted to get rid of. There was a couple things – some shootings and stabbing and things like that, nothing too terrible, but just a couple things like that. But anyways, over the last few months, we’ve seen just a massive redemption and transformation take place in that building. Condom dispensers are not turned into baby-changing stations, and the go-go dancer cages are now it’s gonna be used as a coat rack, just great things are happening there. So we’re--

Mark Driscoll: All true stories, by the way.

Tim Gaydos: So we’re just – and so many people are moving into the downtown core, so many culture-makers, and culture-creators. And a lotta churches are actually selling of their properties, but we’re going into the heart and we’re just excited for what God’s gonna do.

So it's useful to bear the above in mind when reading the following from Tim Gaydos :

For the past seven years it has been a great joy and privilege to be a part of what God is doing at Mars Hill Church. These last few weeks Brittany and I have spent a great deal of time praying and discerning God’s call upon our lives for the future and what would be the best use of my gifts and skills. It is bitter sweet as we announce that we believe God is moving us on to something new. Therefore, I have decided to resign my position as Lead Pastor of Mars Hill Downtown Seattle.

We believe God has made it clear to us that we have a new season of life and ministry ahead of us. This was a very hard decision for Brittany and I, as we do love the people of Mars Hill so dearly. Although we are very confident that you will continue to be cared for by the leadership at Mars Hill.


About that "significantly under market value" thing, here's an old post asking some questions about the market value of Tabella and how much Mars Hill paid for it.  That the executive elders were in sufficient number was the case earlier in 2007.  Whether or not the executive elders provided sufficient written notice of the purchase is something that, unsurprisingly, the executive elders felt they had adequately handled.  All that taken into consideration, paying as much as MH did for Tabella during the time when MH conceded that the 50th street property kinda wasn't maybe ever able to be used for the big grand vision Mark Driscoll cast in Confessions of a Reformission Rev was not ideally timed.


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"Yeah, cool."


"We were able to get a building significantly under market value."

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Thanks for the observation, SeattleObserver. It reminded Wenatchee to go back and tag an old post as relevant to the real estate and Mars Hill series.

The claim that Tabella was bought significantly under market value does seem ... a bit tendentious.