Sunday, March 24, 2013

okay, so writing about music hasn't exactly happened

I am really sorry about that ... but since I've been writing actual music I admit that there's a time when a person has to go with the inspiration to write ABOUT music or to actually write music.  Much as Wenatchee The Hatchet loves criticism as an art form (which, of course, it has been for centuries) Wenatchee also loves composing music.  Having completed a big pile of preludes and fugues for solo guitar (that still need the duet adaptation treatment) Wenatchee wants to tackle a little cycle of solo guitar sonatas.  Not necessarily going to end up writing eleven as Matiegka apparently did ... but we'll try to get to writing about Matiegka's guitar sonatas some time this year.

Yeah, promises, promises.  :)  We may have to go dig up videos of some neat pieces to ensure those of you who read this blog for articles on music have things to listen to. 

We can probably arrange for that ... . 

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