Saturday, March 16, 2013

music posts coming soon (again)

Wenatchee The Hatchet accumulated a few recordings over the last few months, some of which will get little write-ups here at the blog.  The temptation to write at great rambling depth about some of the recordings is great and it shall be better to be brief and informative in most cases.  We haven't seen some serious discussion of music here at the blog in a while and that should change. 

For that matter ... now that I'm thinking of it, those Justice League essays sure won't write themselves, either.  There's a few things in the off-line world that have taken precedence over writing quite so much these days.  Still, we can see what can be done.  There's some fun music recorded and released by esteemed acquaintences at home and abroad to be written about!  Keep your eyes peeled for reviews of the following to show up here before too long:

Airoso, Field & Franz duo (guitar and viola)
Autoportrait, the first solo guitar recording by Atanas Ourkouzounov!
Ferdinand Rebay: Sonatas for flute and guitar, Maria Jose Belotto and Gonzalo Noque
Twenty-four Preludes, music of Bryan Johanson, Michael Partington
An Intimate Evening with the Bish/Thompson duo, Anthony Thompson and Greg Bish
(this is an album of music for trumpet and classical guitar and so far as I know the only one of its kind!)

So those are the ones where I want to do at least brief write-ups.  I'll need to go dig up a discography for Ourkouzounov's recordings because I have nearly all of them and he's one of my favorite living composers.  Plus he's coming to Seattle in a couple of months. 

There are other recordings I'd like to write about but I realize that brevity and timeliness may be best by now.  Still, having blogged a post saying exactly which albums I plan to review gives me something concrete to aim for. 

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