Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mars Hill Church (Seattle), trademarks, logos and names--a domain to keep tabs on

For folks who didn't read this,

This summarized the Mars Hill official public clarification that they had not sued any churches and would not sue any churches.  They also stated that they had not and would not ask any churches to remove Mars Hill from their name. 

So ... here's a domain to keep tabs on, for a church that has nothing to do with Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

Although, having said that, it'd be a shame if it turned out that at some point Mars Hill Seattle people got in touch with this church at any point and actually did ask them to change their name, give up their domain name or anything like that, because that would be sketchy in light of the bold and unequivocal public statements MH PR made in 2011 in the wake of the trademark and logo controversy. If that "did" ever happen in some fashion with this or any other church with Mars Hill in the name since the 2011 kerfuffle, then it'd mean that some folks at Mars Hill couldn't even keep track of their own public statements on name and logo issues. 

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