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So the book on money is rebranded from Re:Lit to Jamie Munson with a bow and arrow logo. 

It's curiously apt that Munson's new book is on authority. Authority was considered a big concern on Munson's part when he circulated reasons for the immediate termination of two employees of Mars Hill back in 2007.

Munson was, at least officially, promoted to Lead Pastor and according to the by-laws he'd drafted, he was considered president.  Who was listed with the Secretary of State of Washington as the actually legal standing president of Mars Hill during that time would be something someone can go look up.  It's worth nothing that as an executive elder Munson confirmed the appointment of Scott Thomas to head the elder investigative taskforce.  This was something Munson conveyed to Paul Petry directly, as well as to Mars Hill members. The October 16, 2007 letter Munson sent to members did not exactly explain what had transpired beyond formalities. Munson wrote the following about Elder Investigation Taskforce members Scott Thomas, Dave Kraft, Garey Shavey, and Steve Tompkins on October 16, 2007:

These men had the unenviable task of investigating two fellow pastors and reporting their findings to the entire Elder Council. They spent significant time in silence and solitude, reading and meditating on Scripture, repenting of personal sin, and praying for God's wisdom ...

So what were these men doing during the investigation process?  Any of them can feel free to speak on record when they like.  Scott Thomas, for instance, was explaining to Petry that there was no need for Petry to attend his own trial on October 10, 2007Scott Thomas then turned around and told a member of Mars Hill church that a conciliatory process had just been completed on October 11, 2007. What personal sins Scott Thomas was repenting of, according to Jamie Munson's letter, might be interesting for Munson to elaborate on now, since he was apparently confident enough to say the four members of the EIT spent the investigative process repenting of personal sin.

Munson conveyed to members that Petry needed to be shunned in December 2007, saying that the elders had repeatedly attempted to reconcile with Petry and that these reconciliation attempts were rebuffed.

In later correspondence in early 2008 with Paul Petry, Jamie Munson seemed pretty convinced that neither he nor other executive elders or elders at Mars Hill generally, had done or said anything questionable.

There's more that you can read about Munson's role within the real estate history of Mars Hill if you like.  He shows up in posts tagged "governance" and "real estate and Mars Hill". 

Munson's currently still a pastor at Mars Hill and on a few boards

Whether or not Jamie Munson was actually the legal president of Mars Hill on record with the Washington Secretary of State's office records while Mark Driscoll was, by his own account, no longer legal president, might be worth investigating.

UBI Number601677819
State Of IncorporationWA
WA Filing Date12/22/1995
Expiration Date12/31/2013
Inactive Date
Registered Agent Information
Address1411 NW 50TH ST

Vice PresidentBruskas, Dave1411 NW 50th Street
PresidentDriscoll, Mark1411 NW 50th Street

It's interesting how accusation of distrust and disrespect for executive elders included specific claims of a lack of trust or respect for Jamie Munson.  Munson apparently never stopped to consider that simultaneously being the accuser and being able to appoint a committee might involve a conflict of interest in organizational terms.  Driscoll in early 2008 once remarked (documented elsewhere here)
that having Munson as president meant Driscoll no longer had to deal with conflicts of interest.  What those were never got explained, but it was significant that Driscoll characterized (for whatever reason) his own role as legal president of Mars Hill as characterized by conflicts of interest.

When Driscoll preached in later 2007 in Nehemiah he made it sound like he had particular grievances with particular elders. Then on 10/01/2007 Driscoll was using some kind of royal "we" to say that two men had been fired from being pastors for the first time in the history of Mars Hill. If by that Driscoll meant terminated in some process that involved documentation of end of employment, okay, but it can't have literally been the case that no one had been fired from employment at Mars Hill at any point between 1996 and September 2007, can it?  In any case, it sounds (literally) like Driscoll said something about his issues with specific leaders within Mars Hill in 2007 and along the way of leaders being terminated it stopped being personal and started to be more of a "we" thing, a "we" thing that at various points involved Jamie Munson.


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The authoritah on Authoritah.

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Wow... Latest post over there on Speed and Stability just adds more confirmation to my concerns about the worldly principles rife within Mars Hill's leadership. Based on what he's written I don't see that Munson could come to any other conclusion than that Jesus was "Stagnant" during the first 30 years of His life. Why wasn't he getting on with things and moving to that "optimal" box where he was being entrepreneurial??? By waiting so long he certainly took the risk of "coming in last"...