Saturday, March 09, 2013

HT Jim West: Tom Verenna reviews Candida Moss' book The Myth of Christian Persecution

Moss has recently published a book laying out a case that stories of ancient universal Christian persecution are largely myth.  This isn't a case that early Christians weren't persecuted but that the stories of persecution widely accepted by many Christians now are narratives for which evidence is scanter than frequently supposed.

Jim West has apparently reviewed the book but I can get to the review from the links provided in-site over at his blog.  Maybe the review isn't up yet.  Been a bit busy preparing some new material for this blog, after all.  Anyway, wanted to link to the review.  Identifying public criticism as persecution is something some Christians find very, very easy to do, even when public criticism can actually be based on legitimate claims and concerns so a book from a scholar exploring whether or not the ancient persecutions to which modern-day self-labeled persecution is often compared (as opposed to actual present or past persecution) could be a useful study.

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