Thursday, March 07, 2013

How to buy yourself on to the New York Times bestseller list

Wayne Russo has been writing a bit about how an author can buy the status of being a bestselling author on the New York Times bestseller list.  Russo has also written about how landing a spot on the NYT bestseller list is achievable by having the right proxies buying up copies of your book which are then distributed for fundraising and donor cultivation purposes (aka Sarah Palin).  Russo refers to another NYT article that briefly discusses how the novel True Grit was transformed into a bestseller in time for the film adaptation with John Wayne to get released.  Then there's this piece from the Wall Street Journal about authors buying a spike in their own sales. It's not exactly secret that there's a payolla option for books. 

As Russo tells it, these days it doesn't take any real talent or effort to get on the NYT bestsellers list so much as it takes a savvy marketing team and a group of loyalists willing to buy their pet author a spot on the list.  Even a short stint of a week can establish an author as a NYT bestselling author which can then be parlayed into credibility and exposure. 

As Russo explains it, becoming a best-selling author is hardly a matter of the actual quality of the book and more than just a little about how well and thoroughly you can buy your way into the credibility and status that best-seller lists can provide. 

There must be dozens of ways to buy good press and reviews these days.  Can't imagine what some of those methods of buying one's way into bestselling author status might be in the non-profit sector ... .

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Headless Unicorn Guy said...

Remember how L Ron Hubbard kept getting on the NY Times Best Seller List long after he was dead? Went like this:

1) Command Intention LRH from Flag to All Orgs in Scientology: All pre-clears, Clears, and Operating Thetans are to buy multiple copies of Elron's latest book.

2) All pre-clears, Clears, and Operating Thetans who buy said copies turn them in at their Org.

3) Orgs ship copies back to publisher, Bridge Publications (owned by Scientology).

4) Bridge then ships the mint condition books back to the bookstores.

5) Repeat steps 1-4 until Elron tops the best-seller lists.