Monday, March 04, 2013

Brian Auten clarifies via Matthew Johnson about Challies and SGM

Brian asked me to post this for him

ADDENDUM – My Challies SGM-related post
A friend drew my attention to the fact that I wasn’t completely fair regarding my post on Tim a few days back, and suggested that my list painted Tim as an unquestioning cheerleader for all things CJ and SGM-related. My friend highlighted, as one example, Tim’s less-than-positive review of CJ’s Worldliness. I can also think of situations where Tim has raised flags about the charismatic side of things at SGM. Thinking through my friend’s point, I wouldn’t want anyone to walk away from my post with the idea that Tim asks zero questions about SGM, or has some kind of sycophantic approach towards SGM. I see where I wasn’t as nuanced as I should have been, and I apologize.
In summary –
Tim has clarified this to me personally: Tim’s overall point in his caveat = he doesn’t have, and hasn’t had, any formal and/or official ties to SGM and CJ.
I’ve clarified this to Tim personally: My overall point regarding Tim’s caveat = Over the years, Tim has highlighted a lot of SGM material on his blog over the years. Tim’s blog is a very important one in the conservative evangelical blogosphere, and I wish he would have acknowledged in his caveat something to the effect that, while I don’t have any formal or official relationship with CJor SGM, I do realize that, over the years, I’ve highlighted or flagged a lot of CJ/SGM content for my readers.
Again, I apologize for painting Tim as if he’s never questioned anything about CJ or SGM. That wasn’t my intent, and I should have been more careful.
So that's an update on that matter. 

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