Saturday, February 02, 2013

Practical Theology for Women: Cinemagogue


During my five years helping with (leading?) women's ministry at a megachurch in Seattle, probably the most beneficial positive thing I took away from it was my interactions with James and his Film and Theology lectures. I came from a Christian background whose main answer to secular culture was simply that it was wrong. But as I explored culture on my own, I noted that it often reflected the very longings I had, for good or bad. I had simplistic, inadequate answers for how to think through movies and music in particular. James was helpful to me with strategies for decoding culture, figuring out what reflected God and what was a distortion of Him and His plans. ...

Wenatchee has the book and plans to write about it later this year but there's the matter of finishing the book and if you've read Wenatchee The Hatchet you know that Wenatchee can get detailed ... so if you're awaiting a review, be patient, please.  :) 

Meanwhile, Wendy has put in a good word for the book.  It can be easy for many people to come to Wenatchee The Hatchet looking for bad they already want to find.  Wenatchee doesn't plan to make it that easy.  There was a lot of bad observed within MH but it wasn't all bad and the film discussions, absurd though they could sometimes get (J.S. will remember) were fun.  Besides, Kayla mentioning how badly American viewers misinterpret and misunderstand the role of the Colonel in Akira was worth hearing.  Mars Hill was (and maybe still is) the kind of place where if you come from a Christian background you can still find someone to talk with about films like Akira, or Spirited Away, or Perfect Blue (yes, really), all anime selections presented over the years at Film & Theology. 

Again, there's plans to write about the book but that may take until spring.  Wenatchee tries to be a careful reader and not a fast reader when possible. 

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